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An accessible route in Jaffa

We went on a trip to Jaffa, and it was amazing. The guide, Giora Smolensky, enriched us with knowledge about the ancient and wonderful places of Jaffa, and the guided and group experience is absolutely wonderful. We invite you to go out with us next time, but in the meantime if you want to travel independently, we share with you the accessible route of the trip in Jaffa.

Clock Square

Old Jaffa (the zodiac streets) is not accessible and is full of stairs in the alleys, but its surroundings - the Psega Garden, the port, the clock square and the flea market - are definitely accessible and worth a trip on a beautiful day or a pleasant evening. Parking - you can park in the Psega Garden, put "Hapaninim 1" or "Hazorifim 14" in the Viz and you will arrive at a convenient parking lot. There is another parking lot at the port itself, but from there you will have to board it if you start the route at Gan Pisega, take this into account.

Gan Pisega parking lot (HaPninim Street)

Going up from the parking lot towards the Ramses Gate We start the trip next to the parking lot of Gan Pisega - Shaar Ramses (Ramses Gate). In the southeastern part of the garden there is an excavation area where remains of the entrance gate to the city from the time of Ramses II were uncovered, and a reconstruction of the gate was placed. Recently, accessibility works were done to the gate and it is completely accessible.

Ramses Gate

After that, continue up towards Gan Pesega, where there is a spectacular view over Jaffa and Tel Aviv. The ascent to the summit garden will be made to the right of the Ramses gate, that is, you must turn right from the parking lot, the other ascents are steeper. It is important to note that the ascent to the summit garden, right before the arrival, is relatively steep, and if you are using a manual wheelchair without an auxiliary motor and without an attendant, this ascent requires a relatively great effort.

A moderate ascent from the right (north) side of the Ramses Gate towards the summit

At the end of the climb you reach the highest point in the peak garden and the spectacular view, if your ability to move allows it - we recommend not to miss the wonderful view from the peak.

In the observatory you can look into the past in three directions (look west and east).

In the center of this square was placed the work "The Gate of Faith", a sculpture in the shape of a gate by the sculptor Daniel Kafri. The sculpture depicting three biblical events related to the motif of faith and the promise of the land to the three fathers. On the first page, the binding of Isaac is depicted in an unacceptable way, and Abraham is seen kneeling over the ram and lifting Isaac up. The other page shows Jacob's dream. On the beam, the conquest of Jericho by Joshua is seen. (from Wikipedia).

Adjacent is the "Bridge of Wishes" but it is not accessible from both sides.

After that, we recommend moving to the hanging orange, those of you who are willing to go through steep ramps can go directly to the square of Saint Peter's Basilica located at the foot of the peak - in Kadumim Square, but take into account going through a relatively steep ramp.

The steep ramp at the transition to Kedumim Square

So, as we recommended, we will reach the hanging orange first, in order to reach it, we must go back the way we came from the parking lot and not choose other roads, which are steeper and less comfortable to descend. We will return and leave the entrance to the parking lot and turn right (south) towards the hanging orange.

From the hanging orange, continue into the shady alley, turn left onto "Mazal Teumim" (Gemini) street, then turn right to an accessible exit towards the road, heading west.

First you enter the alley, and immediately turn left to "Mazal Teumim" street.

An accessible ramp on "Mazal Teomim" street.

Crossing with an accessible slalom to prevent the entry of vehicles further down "Mazal Teomim" Street

After exiting "Mazal Teomim" street, turn right and do not cross the road, returning will be problematic. When necessary, get off the road and stick to its right side until you reach the accessible entrance to Kedumim Square, which will be waiting on the right, next to the accessible parking available there.

The ascent towards Kedumim Square

On our trip with Giora, we skipped this point and continued to the port, crossed the road and went down towards the port, where there are accessible toilets at the entrance (where the floor relief is located).

Accessible toilets at the port (1st floor by elevator)

We turned right (north) and walked along the harbor near the boats moored there.

An accessible exit to the pier in the port

Finally, we left the north side of the port and continued to the Suleiman Mosque, the mosque and finished at the Clock Square. Those of us who wanted to, continued to lunch at the accessible flea market.

Flea market restaurants

In terms of accessible toilets - there are several accessible public toilets located near the hiking route, in the summit garden, near the clock square (near the visitors center) and there are two in the flea market, next to the "Italkia" restaurant and next to the "Lorence" supermarket

In conclusion, for those who are expected to arrive and travel, remember that the road is not leveled, there are ups and downs, and as you can see part of the route is on stones and not a smooth pavement. But the travelers testified that the route is wonderful and the road is beautiful, and there is no doubt that the view is spectacular. Enjoy!

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