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Accessibility in Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Information gathered regarding the accessibility of the city


Accessible Restaurants and Cafes

  • Greco Restaurant on Frishman Beach

  • Regina Restaurant in the old station complex

  • The white sukkah in the Tel Aviv port

  • Benny The fishermen

  • Tiger Lily Ramat Hachayal

  • Lou Pei on Montefiore Street

From the Facebook group "Trips accessible to parents and children"

Image by Jay Wennington
Image by Guy Tsror

Accessible beaches

In Tel Aviv there are about 15-20 wheelchairs for entering the water, of different types, for people with different abilities, who are assisted or want to move independently on the beach which are scattered on the various beaches and also folding paths on the beaches: Gordon, Frishman, Bograshov, Jerusalem and Aviv. It is always recommended to call the beach management or the municipal center and verify the accessibility arrangements before traveling to a particular beach.

Credit to Golan Lax

I recommend "Metzitzim" Beach, the beach has 2 hardworking and caring employees, who clear the place for you, and do not let anyone sit but only the disabled in a wheelchair! They offer their personal service are there every day 7 days a week until seven in the evening are ready to put in the water and take out and also stay in the water with you. The beach is much more accessible than in previous years and has a very large shed and the proximity to the sea is really pleasant.

Hilton Beach is accessible to the water, there are accessible toilets, ramp to the water with railing The only problem is that the sand fills the ramp and needs someone to clean

From the Facebook group "Trips accessible to parents and children"

Accessible sites

  • Hayarkon Park

  • Ganei Yehoshua

  • Carmel Market

  • Nahalat Binyamin

  • Neve Tzedek

From the Facebook group "Trips accessible to parents and children"

  • Speigel Park

  • Gan Ha'atzmaut

  • Hatahana - Old Station Complex

  • Tel Aviv Port

  • Hayarkon Park

Credit and additional details - Israel Accessibility

Tel Aviv Museum of Art (free admission for aids)

Image by Ernesto Velázquez
Image by Ant Rozetsky


Within Tel Aviv, it is possible to get around with accessible public transportation (buses with the option of picking up passengers in wheelchairs)

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